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Testimonials for Business Videos

Laura Niblack

I absolutely loved working with Dylan Laine in making a Business Video promoting  The Wild Pine. I cannot recommend her more! She made the entire process effortless while perfectly capturing the essence of my business. I normally feel fairly uncomfortable in front of the camera, and thought that my interview would be super awkward - however, Dylan made me feel comfortable (and made me laugh!), and even helped me work out what I wanted to say. She was so encouraging and accommodating, and really made me feel like myself. Needless to say, when the Business Video was finished, I was AMAZED! The shots are all beautiful and artistic and my interview was perfect. I looked happy and confident and not awkward at all! She is an editing wizard AND she composed and performed the musical accompaniment - WOW! 

Anita Sisler

Anita Sisler

My mind is blown and I am exceedingly thankful for the Business Video that Dylan Laine made for my business, The Declutterbug. The whole process was enjoyable and fun! Dylan is not only gifted with filming, but her creativity extends to the actual settings (which includes furniture & accessory changes), editing, and original music!  Plus there's always an element of surprise!  In my video my beagles were included, much to my happy surprise! It would be excellent for anyone wanting to gain traction for their business to hire Dylan Laine! She's packed with talent and gifts beyond measure!

Suzanne DiMeco

Dylan Laine delivers! When Boston Green Realty was in need of a quality Business Video within a very short timeline, Dylan stepped it up and made it happen. She came prepared and explained everything that was involved with the video production. Her upbeat cheerful disposition helped create a more relaxed environment for the sometimes nervous feeling that the camera can make people feel. She paid attention to detail as the video needed very little revising after she created it! I would definitely recommend her for anyone interested in a quality Business Videographer.

Melissa Patrello

I can't imagine trusting anyone else besides Dylan Laine with the Business Videos I needed for my website. In fact, I don't know of anyone else who does what she does. She provided StageWorthy Arts with beautifully crafted Business Videos, each accompanied by her custom written film score! She brought my work and story to life! She understood the awkwardness I felt by being on camera and went out of her way to humor me and put me at ease. She understood the story I was struggling to convey and pieced it together perfectly. The end result was a genuine masterpiece that I will treasure forever. I will use her time and time again and know that I'm in really good hands. 

Wendolin Mercado

Working with Dylan Laine on making a Business Video for Wendolin Photography was such an incredible experience!  I have no idea how she did it but she made me feel like a rockstar and look like a professional.  I am not the most comfortable when I am on camera but Dylan has a way about her that makes you feel like everything is going to be better than fantastic, and I can tell you that it really is.  She is like a magician with that video camera. She Brings to life all of the things you want and somehow makes all of the things you don’t just disappear.  It is a remarkable gift to work with someone like Dylan who has truly found their calling. I can’t wait to do it again! 

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