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My Video Gear

My Video Camera: Canon 70D

I chose a Canon 70D primarily because it has an auto-focus feature! I can use the touch screen to auto-focus while recording, giving me the clearest image possible.

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My Lens: Sigma Art 1.8

This is my dream lens! The Sigma Art 1.8 enables me to zoom in and out while retaining a 1.8 aperture (blurry background!) at all times, which is my favorite look.

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My SD Card: SanDisk Pro Extreme 64GB

I used to absolutely hate running out of space on my SD card during video sessions, so I finally updated to a Pro Extreme 64GB SD card and haven't looked back since!

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My Microphone: Shure VP83 Camera Mic

I'm obsessed with this microphone. Basically, you attach it to the top of your video camera and it significantly increases your video camera's sound quality!

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My Audio Gear

My Vocal Mic: Audio Tecnicha AT2020

I have used this microphone for over 12 years! I use it to record vocals for my music, and absolutely love the sound it produces. It's super affordable too!

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My Audio Interface: Tascam US-2x2

If you're not sure what an audio interface is, it's the device that let's me connect my microphone to my computer so I can record directly into my Logic Pro X software!

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My Portable Microphone: Tascam DR-05

Having a portable microphone on hand so convenient when I want to travel, but still be able to record music. This way, I don't have to bring along my audio interface or laptop!

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My Instruments

My Ukulele: Oscar Schmidt OU5

I adore my ukulele! I chose the Oscar Schmidt OU5 ukulele  because of its warm, happy sound, along with its beautiful color and finish! It goes everywhere with me.

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My Guitar: Taylor GS Mini

I played every guitar in Guitar Center, and the Taylor GS Mini was my favorite by far. Interestingly, it was the first one I had picked up! I love how small it is!

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My MIDI Keyboard: AKAI MPK Mini

If you're not sure what a MIDI keyboard is, its the device that let's me play any note on the keyboard, and then choose which instrument sound I'd like it to be!

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