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Testimonials for Maternity Videos

Kara and Philip Rea

Working with Dylan Laine on a Maternity Video to memorialize the birth of our first daughter was such a wonderful experience!  We went into filming with an open mind and let Dylan take the lead, and she did not disappoint!  She put us at ease and prompted us so that we were never at a loss for words and we never felt awkward.  The end result was a video that began with us expressing our hopes and dreams for our daughter in the weeks before she was born and ended with us smiling and cuddling with our new little baby.  I am telling all my friends who are expecting that they should look into filming a Maternity Video with Dylan.  We are SO glad that we did, because we know that it will be something that our daughter will be very grateful to have someday when she is all grown up!  Dylan has blessed our family with a beautiful heirloom that will be treasured for years to come--a glimpse back in time at a beautiful and happy moment for all of us.   

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