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Testimonials for Custom Songs

Deana McGarr

Dylan Laine wrote a Custom Song for me about the importance of expressing your love freely. I shared with her about how my grandmother asked me when she was on her death bed if I had loved her. It had dawned on my in that moment that I must have not really expressed my love to my grandmother verbally enough. I shared this with Dylan and told her how I had really made a point to tell others how much they mean to me. Dylan created a beautiful Custom Song for me and the process was easy and very rewarding. I felt a great sense of peace from the lyrics that she created. I am grateful for the experience; it was very healing and well worth the investment. 

Anita Sisler

Andrew Penketh

The Custom Song process was simple for me; Dylan did the hard work of understanding what I wanted and wrote a new version of my song. Dylan works fast, she had it all done in just a few days! Also during this process, I discovered what a special person she was, so generous with her time to make sure she got it just right. The whole experience was a thrill and I now have a wonderful version of "Nani" which I shall cherish forever. It was well worth the money and If you are thinking of hiring Dylan to write you a Custom Song then I would say, “Don't hesitate, Dylan will do a great job, you'll have some fun along the way and at the end of it you'll have a little piece of Dylan magic!" ​ ​​

Noelle Larson

Having Dylan Laine write a Custom Song for me and my dad was one of my favorite things about my whole wedding experience. It was so special to work with Dylan to create a song to express my appreciation and love to my parents as well as to celebrate the new season of life we were all embarking upon. I started by answering a few questions that Dylan provided, as well as offering a few pieces of information and the lyrics to a special lullaby that my dad and I wrote together when I was a child. In her characteristically thoughtful, creative, and insightful way, Dylan quickly set to work at crafting a beautiful piece that expressed everything I wanted to say and more! Working with Dylan was such a joy. She was so timely in her correspondence and thoroughly amazed me in her speed and skill at songwriting. She truly is a master of her craft. 

Jessica Kirson

Dylan Laine was an absolute delight to work with. We contracted her to develop a Custom Song for a sketch video on our YouTube channel, The Jessy K Show. What she provided us overwhelmingly exceeded our expectations. Dylan took our concept and created a beautiful and elegant masterpiece out of it. The lyrics are brilliant and the music sounds like it belongs on the radio. Not only was the turnaround fast, but she also worked well within our budget. Most importantly, Dylan was so accommodating and relentless in her pursuit of our complete satisfaction. If you’re looking for a talented and professional singer-songwriter, you’d be foolish to choose anyone other than Dylan. We look forward to working with her again and can’t thank her enough for the amazing work! Jessica Kirson and Jon Fursh, producer of The Jessy K Show

Emma Pentoney

I saw Dylan Laine's Custom Song business at such a perfect time, as we were completing a time capsule for our son’s first birthday. Dylan's voice touched my soul and we feel so blessed to have this child that I thought she might add in the emotion that I felt, especially at that time. And I was right. Dylan only needed a small amount of information and put together a beautiful heartfelt message with a beautiful melody that really got to the point. It was certainly personal to us. Her voice carried the lyrics perfectly and she was so accommodating and encouraging. I was and still am so delighted with the result.  So when the time capsule is opened and we can hopefully play the Custom Song again, I know it will still give me a few tears just like the first time I heard it. 

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