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Maternity Videos

How Does It Work?

1. Choose a Custom Song option.

2. Choose your preferred instrument.

3. Dylan will send you a questionnaire.

4. Your answers will inspire the song.

5. Receive a professional recording in 7 days. 

Custom Songs

Your words and ideas turned into songs!

  • A keepsake that lasts a lifetime

  • Birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift

  • Perfect for a "first dance" wedding song
  • Lullaby customized to your child

Maternity Videos

"This was one of my favorite things about the whole wedding experience!" 

- Noelle Larson

Custom Song Options

Business Jingle

Special Song

Lyrics Only

  • 1-2 minute full jingle

  • Plus a 30 second short version

  • Ukulele, piano, drums, and vocals

  • Non-exclusive licensing of music

  • Completed 7 days after payment

  • 3 minute song

  • Choose instrument + vocals

  • Answer questionnaire

  • Answers inspire the lyrics

  • Completed 5 days after payment
  • Lyrics inspired by your ideas

  • Request 2 re-writes if desired

  • Receive type-written final lyrics 

  • Song rights split 50/50

  • Completed 3 days after payment

CS Gift Options
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