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Testimonials for Typewriter Poet

Cara Marusak

I was extremely lucky to find Dylan Laine: Typewriter Poet, for my wedding at The Cotton Mill. I wanted to do something different for wedding favors, and absolutely loved the idea of custom poems for each guest! It takes a really creative and fast thinking person to type out poems for so many people, and to top it off Dylan Laine had a smile on her face the whole night. The typewritten poems looked so special that several people told me they were framing theirs. My wedding guests are still raving about Dylan and how great her poems were. If you are looking to add a personal touch to your wedding and for your guests, I highly recommend Dylan. You will love her!!!

Anita Sisler

Linda and Bert Quick

Linda and I wanted to take a minute and thank Dylan Laine: Typewriter Poet for the outstanding addition she was to our wedding at Victory Arts! With the many handfuls of custom poems she was asked to provide for our guests, we can tell you that our family and friends had nothing but rave reviews of what the Typewriter Poet did for each of them. Many were amazed at what she managed to accomplish for them in such a short time. Dylan Laine is truly "as advertised!"  Linda and I will be recommending Typewriter Poet to everyone who's looking to add something unique and marvelous to their wedding day.

Lottie Fowler

Dylan Laine: Typewriter Poet was a delight to work with! She is crazy talented and super sweet. I hired Typewriter Poet to type poems for guests at my Grit + Gold Christmas party, and each typewritten poem was constructed with lyrical style and a personal touch. I simply cannot wait to work with her more! You will NOT be disappointed.

Jordyn Kirk

My fiancé and I both agreed that we wanted to incorporate literature into our big day as much as possible. When Dylan Laine explained Typewriter Poet, and how she created her concept of writing quick custom poems for couples and guests, I was hooked. I went home and told my fiancé that this had to be apart of our wedding no matter what. Wedding planning continued and I kid you not I centered everything around this amazing Typewriter Poet! Beyond her amazing personality and customer service, Typewriter Poet had all of my guests in awe! There was never a time that there was not a line of people throughout my entire wedding at The Flour Mill. I heard so many people say things such as "How unique!” “I have never seen anything like this at a wedding!” “Her talent made this wedding one to remember!” and many more remarks! Many of my co-workers came and shared their poems with me once I returned to work and put them in their classrooms. We couldn’t have been more blessed to have found someone such as Dylan to help make our day one to remember.  

Ruth Hendricks

As a photographer, I've been to a ton of weddings. Last month at the Aldredge House in Dallas, I saw something really new and different. After the ceremony, I stepped out onto the fancy veranda. Trays of champagne being served and seated right in front of a garden trellis was The Typewriter Poet and her vintage machine. I was one of the first to share a few words that were transformed into a custom poem for the happy couple. Later at the reception, the trellis was decorated with ribboned poetry by The Typewriter Poet, each one unique and created especially for the bride and groom. Because I'm also a daily photo blogger for six years, I was thrilled to find a new subject of interest and Dylan graciously allowed me to post her photograph and tell about how she writes poetry for the couple. What a classy and interesting addition to a lovely day.  Her words enhance the spirit of the occasion and will be cherished for years to come.

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