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How Does It Work?

1. Dylan Laine sets her typewriter up at a table. 

2. Guests come up to her throughout the event.

3. Dylan asks "Who do you love? And why?"

4. Guests's responses are turned into a poem.

5. Poem is typewritten and handed to guest, or if desired, poem is given to the host.

Typewriter Poet

Party and event entertainment for all occassions

  • Guests interact with Typewriter Poet

  • Their poem is written on the spot

  • Poems typed on1941 Royal typewriter

  • All guests leave with typewritten poem

  • If desired, poems are given to host

Maternity Videos

My wedding guests are still raving about Typewriter Poet!"

- Cara Marusak

Share Your Love Story

Poems Typed for Guests

  • Give your guests a unique, thoughtful, and exciting form of entertainment at the party.

  • Guests take home an unforgettable favor that they can frame and save for a life time.

  • Bring a touch of nostalgia to your event with the vintage theme of a typewriter

Poems Typed for Host

  • Bride and groom can put poems in their guest book for special keeping.

  • Create a collection of love poems on mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary.

  • Celebrate your child's graduation and send them off to college with their love poems.

  • Invite each member of your baby shower to have a poem made for your baby.

Typewriter Poet Options

Typewriter Poet Options

Poems for Guests: $350/Hour

  • Guests say who they love and why

  • Responses turned into 4 line poems

  • Poems typed on 1941 Royal typewriter

  • All guests leaves with typewritten poem

Poems for Host: $350/Hour

  • Guests say kind words about host

  • Responses turned into 4 line poems

  • Poems typed on 1941 Royal typewriter

  • All poems are given to the host

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