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Meet The Teacher

Dylan Laine graduated Berklee College of Music in 2010, where she studied piano, guitar, voice, ukulele, and songwriting. She then taught preschool music at School For Little Children, and also worked as a private instructor for The Guitar Sanctuary. She now brings music lessons to her students' homes. 

Stay At Home!

If you are interested in having your child study piano, guitar, ukulele, voice, or songwriting, but don't have the time to take them to a local studio, stay at home and have the lessons brought to you! Dylan Laine will teach your child in the comfort of your own home.

"Dylan makes lessons fun with her  quirky personality, and the whole hour she is completely focused 100% on me and making sure I understand everything she is teaching me."

- Rachel Brehm

 Testimonial by Rachel Brehm 

Dylan has taught me all of the amazing techniques she learned at Berklee, and has also helped me advance as a guitar, piano, and ukulele player. She has been a mentor to me as a musician and also as a friend. Her support and encouragement are so comforting and I truly feel that she is a gift from God. She makes lessons fun with her joyful, quirky personality, and the whole hour she is completely focused 100% on me and making sure I understand everything she is teaching me.

Testimonial by Annie Cavalier

I have had the pleasure of having Dylan as my guitar teacher for over four years now, and it has been an amazing experience. I am constantly amazed at how far I have come over this period of time. Although guitar is what I predominantly work on during my lessons, she has also taught me some ukulele, piano, and songwriting skills as well as given me a few tips on singing for each song. Dylan absolutely never runs out of patience. In my life, I have had well over ten music instructors, however, I can honestly say that Dylan Laine is the best!

Testimonial by Kim Curtis

Dylan helped me come out of my shell at auditions and taught me how to put my feelings to music. She was always available to call or text if I needed her and she checked in on me when I was sick and couldn't make my lesson. She started out by teaching me how to find notes and play chords, then taught me how to play songs of my choice. A couple of times, we even recorded the songs with her awesome equipment. Since working with her, I have grown more confident in my abilities and I'm okay if I fail every now and then. 

Testimonial by Krizty Hansen

Dylan has such JOY that just oozes out of her you can’t help feel awesome when you are around her. She figures out what teaching style best makes sense to you and goes from there. When I would get frustrated, she would try a different method or we would move on to something else and then come back to what was frustrating me. If you were thinking about having Dylan give you a music lesson, she would be on top of my list. As a musician myself, I am very picky and Dylan is the real deal.

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Music Lesson Options

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  • Study ukulele, guitar, piano, voice

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  • Weekly lessons occur via Skype

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