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About Dylan Laine

My goal is to creatively enhance your life, whether personally or professionally. As an artist, I can provide you with highly creative:

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Sharing My Story

I have always been a storyteller. I started writing poems when I was five years old, mostly about angels, ice-cream, and sunshine. At seven years old, my MiMi bought me a piano, and I soon realized I could combine poems with piano to make my own songs. Several years later, my dad graciously let me play with his video camera, and I became fascinated with the idea that I could create videos of myself singing the songs I had written. So I decided to pursue my love for creativity by attending Berklee College of Music, where I received my songwriting degree in 2010. The same year I graduated, I had a growing desire to not only continue telling my own story, but to also creatively tell the stories of other people. That brings me to today, where I bring people's stories to life through poetry, music, and video. And where every story is my next work of art.

"Dylan has a way about her that makes you feel like everything is going to be better than fantastic, and I can tell you that it really is!"

- Wendolin Mercado

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